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>> julie: it's happened again. security breach at an american major airport. this time at jfk in new york, where passengers are slowly being allowed back in, after an entire terminal was evacuated. i'm julie banderas. we're live at "fox report" tonight. ♪ >> there is someone down there. each minute, the people die. >> julie: the world they knew is gone. >> i'm hungry. everybody, hungry. >> julie: out of the ruins comes rage. >> nobody has been abandoned, but if they have that feeling and if they see they're not getting the assistance they need, they could start to take matters into their own hands. >> julie: now amidst the struggle to survive -- the world's most powerful nation reaches out to one of the poorest. >> our longer-term effort will not be measured in days,
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or weeks. it will be measured in months and even years. >> julie: the full force of american mite brought to bear. the people of haiti will not be left to suffer. >> getting ourselves established. all of our personnel in. all of our equipment in. medical personnel and equipment to help people recover from the earthquake. >> julie: millions of lives are at stake. tonight, time is running out. >> who is going to help us, already? we can't do nothing. >> julie: day five of what can only be described as hell on earth for people of haiti. the ground is still shaking. today, rescue and relief efforts disrupted by a powerful 4.5 magnitude aftershock. this coming as the most senior person to date from the obama administration arrived in the ravaged capital. secretary of state hillary clinton touching down at the airport in port-au-prince, aboard a giant c-130 airplane. she brought with her hundreds of cases of fresh water and
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food for 140 u.s. embassy people. and we've just gotten word the body of the united nations mission chief in haiti has been found among the rubble. despite the dire situation, there are some miracles providing hope. 16-month-old baby named winnie pulled from the rubble with the help of a man working for a tv crew. >> she's the hero, because she fought for three days, like i said. she's still alive. the man up there, it was a great experience. the man up there is the one that actually saved her, not me. >> julie: winnie, dehydrated, but otherwise appearing healthy. sadly, no one else inside her family's home have been found alive. including her parents. in addition to the devastating toll on families, another tragic reality is also playing out right now in haiti. even those two live through tuesday's 7.0 magnitude quake
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still have no guarantee of survival. that's what happens most evident at the hospital. their countless injured wait for treatment that may not arrive in time. >> we're not getting help. but in his ca case --[ inaudible ] not going to make it. which is the case for a lot of people. >> julie: the catastrophe prompting president obama to call on his pred ses tortoise help with -- predecessors to help with the humanitarian response. just like with the tsunami of 2004, they answered the call. except this time, a different president bush will be involved. >> i'm pleased president bush and president clclinton agreed to have the fund. on behalf of the american people, thank you both for
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returning to service. and leading this urgent mission. >> julie: we have complete live coverage from the heart of the story. from the situation on the ground to port-au-prince, to washington, to the u.s. command center this is the logistical nerve center of the massive relief effort. first, we begin with with "fox report" chief correspondent jonathan hunt who is streaming live from port-au-prince tonight. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: hey, julie. you know, we talked a lot about the need for food and water supplies to be gotten out to the people of port-au-prince. but there is an equal and equally urgent need; that is, for medical supplies. the hospitals, the medical clinics are desperately struggling to provide the quality of care that the people so urgently need. we saw that up close and personal at the university hospital of peace. >> almost every inch of this hospital is taken up with the injured.
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they're lying on cots. they're lying on the floor. as you can see, they're lying on anything. the doctors here hard-pressed almost impossible for them to treat everybody. they don't have the medicines they need. they don't have the resources they need. they don't have the personnel they need. meantime, all of these injured people are suffering with what i can only describe as an extraordinary sense of calm and dignity. we heard one woman a way down the corridor crying out in french, "i am broken." but other than that, everybody here just seems to lie here. they're waiting for help and waiting for the medicines. the medicines are not coming yet. people are trying to get them in here but it's simply not enough and not enough doctors and nurses to treat the people and they rain from the very old to very young. a scene that is desperately, desperately sad. it's a scene of people who are desperate for international help. in that same hospital i met 10-year-old ninchi, she told me her name was. her sense of calm amid her
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own personal catastrophe was almost disquieting. she explained to me in quiet, calm tone how she had been playing outside her house when the earthquake hit. she had been with her sister. rubble hit her. it broke her leg. she has not seen or heard from her sister or her parents since that moment. there were other young children in that hospital. seeing them there is really literally one of the most disturbing things i have ever seen, from hospitals in gaza, lebanon, iraq and afghanistan, i have never seen scenes as disturbing as those here. the people desperately need the medical supplies. they may be at the airport. quite simply, it's not good enough. they need them in the hospital and medical clinclinic. they need them now. >> julie: jonathan hunt, live in port-au-prince tonight. thank you for the report, jonathan. we're just getting word that secretary of state hillary clinton is in fact heading back to the united states with some 50 americans on board. you will remember our coverage earlier here on fox, the u.s. coast guard in fact
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flying her in on one of the aircraft this afternoon where she was to meet with the president of haiti and the prime minister. bringing aid to embassy workers in need of food and water and more aid to haiti. now we're getting word that the secretary of state hillary clinton leaving haiti, so a short visit there and taking some 50 americans with her. the mite of generosity will be bound by two former commander in chiefs. president clinton and president bush accepting the invitation to lead private measure and president obama saying the enlistment of his predecessor is inspired by the success of the relief effort after the 2004 tsunami that struck asia. clinton and g.h.w. bush headed that. despite the haiti tragedy,
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president bush and clinton today also focussing on the country's future prospects. >> there is just an unbelievable spirit amongst the haitian people. while the earthquake destroyed a lot, it didn't destroy their spirit. so the people of haiti will recover and rebuild. and as they do, they know they'll have a friend in the united states of america. >> when we start the erebuilding effort, we want to do what i d did with the president's father in the tsunami area, we want to make sure the people know the money will be well spent. >> julie: the clinton-bush haiti fund. it's a website up clintonbushmate clintonbus clintonbushhai molly henneberg has more.
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>> reporter: each of the men eresponded with with how can i help after obama called them. they want to ensure the ongoing integrity of the process to get help to on the country of haiti and says the challenges are immense but hope the clinton-bush haiti fund can help. >> i know a lot of people want to send water, but just send cash. we'll make sure your money is spent wisely. >> it's still one of the most remarkable unique places i have ever been. they can escape their history and build a better future if we do our part. >> reporter: president obama was measured in his remarks today telling the haitian people that "sustained help" is on the way and letting everybody know it's difficult to get aid to the haitian people quickly and safely and that there may be "fear, anxiety and sense of desperation" on the ground there. >> in any extraordinary
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catastrophe like ththis, the first several weeks will involve getting immediate relief on the ground. they're going to be some tough days over the next several days. >> at this point, the president has no plans to travel to haiti, though his secretary of state was there today. >> julie: molly henneberg live in washington, d.c. thank you. a special "fox news sunday" to tell you about tomorrow. don't miss anchor chris wallace conversation with former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush on the humanitarian mission in haiti. check the local listings for time. to learn more about the relief efforts in haiti and how you can help make a difference, go to our website at there you can find all the latest details as well as all the information you need to know on exactly how you can donate. that is foxnews.c
7:11 pm a developing story now. there has been another apparent security breach at new york city airport. officials at john f. kennedy airport grounding flights and evacuating an entire terminal today after they say someone went into a restricted area. everyone had to leave and get rescreened by the security officials. the officials, by the way, still looking for suspect. laura ingle following the story live at jfk airport with the latest. hi, laura. >> reporter: hi, julie. we have been told by the port authority police they're close to identifying the suspect in tonight's security breach. and man, it's been a mess here for the last few hours. the passengers have been lined up and zigzagging from one end of the terminal to another. it all started about 3:00 p.m. today. we have tape to show you of what it looked like inside after american airlines security alerted tsa official s that the door, one of the doors were open from a non-secure area into a secure
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area. a tsa supervisor grounded all flights departing jfk. what a mess! security immediately called for all passengers waiting to take off to deplane, get off the plane and ordered every person who had been run through security and at their gates to come back to the main terminal to be recareened. that meant the start of the massive backup and long lines that snaked as long as the eye could esee. many of the passengers were telling us they'd rather be safe than sorry with with a security breach. airport officials looking for suspect at this hour. we have a security camera still of him to show you. african-american male. 5'10", wearing khaki pants, a tan shirt, sports coat, baseball hat and he's seen carrying a black bag. again, port authority officials saying that they do believe they have him in sight. they know who he is and we'll bring you the latest on that. right now, the passengers are
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boarding plane once again. a little inconvenient. but safer tonight. back to you. >> julie: laura ingle, live at jtk. thank you. thousands more military troops heading to haiti. come monday, close to 10,000 troops expected there on the ground. most staying on navy ships. their job get supplies to the people who need it most. closer look ahead at the military impact and challenges ahead. in two minutes. ♪ wellbeing. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nuture it in your cat... with a full family of excellent nutrition... and helpful resources. ♪ purina cat chow. share a better life.
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>> julie: the u.s. military bringing in more help for haiti. already controlling the country's main airport. the u.s. navy ships are arriving to help get aid to the devastated country. right now it's estimated between 9,000 and 10,000 u.s. troops will be in the country or on ships offshore by monday. malini wilkes has more on the overall deployment of military forces and how it will impact the relievp operation. hi. >> reporter: hi, julie. 4200 u.s. troops are in haiti or just offshore. more arriving all weekend. they're trying to push out the badly needed supplies, help with search and rescue and supply medical care and security. the comfort left this morning and it has fully equipment operating rooms, which is what the tent hospital say they need to handle the amputations and seeveer injuries -- severe injuries
7:17 pm
they're seeing. they staffed the ship in record time but it won't arrive until thursday, more than a week after the quake. 2200 marines from camp lejeune, north carolina, left today on three more navy ships. the aircraft carrier uss vinson arrived yesterday with 19 helicopters. the airport is backloged, support is damaged, the roads in bad shape. ships with helicopter capability are vitally important to shuttle supplies and people on and off the island. >> the arrival of the vinson with the 19 helicopters is critical to deginning that distribution -- beginning that distribution process. we hear conflicting reports, frankly, about how many of the roads are open and can be used or those that are clogged and you can't get through at all. >> reporter: secretary gates says the military is not air dropping supplies because there is no distribution on the ground and not enough
7:18 pm
supply to prevent mobs or riots. the security is trying to set up distribution sites and the u.s. military is helping with the security and logistic in that area. >> julie: malini wilkes in washington. thank you very much. one huge challenge in haiti is controlling air traffic in the main airport of port-au-prince. the air force base in tucson, arizona, is the u.s. air force southern command. it controls the military air traffic and the humanitarian rescue efforts including what is happening right now in haiti. william la jeunesse takes us inside the command center for upclose look at how the operations are run. >> julie, think of the relief effort in haiti as a long bucket brigade. if there is a hiccup or hold-up or bottleneck the aid will stop. it's the job of the people here at the davis-monthan air force base to make sure it doesn't hat happen. they are also prioritizing what planes get in and those
7:19 pm
that don't. the priority now is food, medicine and water. that means a plane loaded with pharmaceutical from france may get in but a flight with blankets from brazil will be told don't etch take off. it's their job to keep the pipeline open and we're told they are reducing the amount of turn-around time at the airport. you can handle more planes. they call it increasing velocity. i was told in the last hour that 400 americans have been taken out of port-au-prince who were at the airport on two c-17s and they're now coming back to the united states. back to you. >> julie: thank you very much. we already knew about yemen from the infamous bombing on the uss cole, but the failed christmas day attack on an american jetliner put the country and the haven it represents for terrorists back in the news. well, now, reports that an al-qaeda leader there has been killed in a government raid. inside look at the type of training that goes into these
7:20 pm
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>> julie: one of the latest battlegrounds against global network of terror and where the so-called underwear bomber trained before failing to take down american jetliner on christmas day. new reports from yemen saying the suspected head of the military wing of al-qaeda in the arabian pennsylvania has been killed in a raid and the yemen military training for that type of raid happening in the hills outside the capital. a fox report now from greg palkot. >> reporter: yemeni, going through its bases outside of sana'a, yemen. with voices in the yemen and united states speaking out against direct u.s. military intervention against
7:24 pm
al-qaeda. boots on the ground. these folks are gaining greater importance on this. talking up an ambush of an al-qaeda commander in the valley. also they're make a run on a compound where al-qaeda figures are supposed to be holed up. the action here similar to a flurry of raid that the yemeni forces have been raging against al-qaeda throughout yemen in the past month. some of the things used today, the grenades, rpgs, explosives, the u.s. is backing up the forces in different ways. with equipment and training and raids and intelligence and some reports, rockets from the skies. with the al-qaeda battle intensifying, expect to see more u.s. backup for the folks. in sana'a, yemen, greg palkot, fox news. >> julie: greg, thank you. as each hour passes time is running out for those buried, still alive under the collapsed homes and buildings
7:25 pm
in haiti. officials in charge of search and rescue efforts say they are not giving up. >> i was out today with the president of haiti and we discussed the rescue pace and how long we want to continue. and his words were we need to continue as long as the population thinks there is hope. the first idea was to close by the end of to tomorrow but that will be extended. >> julie: as long as the population thinks there is hope. despite estimates that more than 100,000 people are dead, we continue to see remarkable stories of survival. >> are you okay? >> julie: deep in that hole, a pregnant woman almost completely buried under a pile of debris. she was stuck there for nearly three full days until the rescuers heard her calls for help. i took hours but finally -- it took hours but finally group of brazilian soldiers
7:26 pm
and firefighters managed to dig her out. she and her unborn baby survived. our team fox coverage from haiti continuenous with steve harrigan who is streaming live in port-au-prince tonight. what is the latest from where you are? >> reporter: a woman was calling out and her son was calling back when a group of mexican rescue workers were scene from downtown port-au-prince. people yelled "come this way. there is a boy trapped and 11 others trapped under a collapsed house." when the mexican team ran toward the house to neighborhood up the hillside we followed. here is what the scene looked like at the collapsed house. >> i spoke with them. >> who is in there?
7:27 pm
>> duce. >> 12 people dun there. >> yes. >> who is that woman? >> that's her boy. >> that's her boy in there? >> this is the third floor of the house that you are looking at now where the men are standing here. that's the rescuers. that's the first floor. you ku see how it's pan -- you can see how it's pancaked. they are looking for the 12 people. they heard from them when someone was calling out. this mexican team had the hacksaws and pick axes and shovels. you could see the heroic efforts they made while inside the house, half collapsed on the side of a mountain. two times while we watched there were tremors, aftershocks and they had to reach out each time. so far, no reported rescue from the collapsed building.
7:28 pm
back to you. >> julie: steve harrigan, thank you very much. the images are difficult to watch, as you just saw there. the anguish with, suffering and pain ingrained on the faces of the victims in haiti. but the perseverance is equally strong. more on the people who won't give up the fight for their own survival and those buried under the rubble tonight next.
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>> julie: bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. secretary of state hillary clinton in haiti to survey the extent of the damage and relief operations and her arrival coming on the same day of a 4.5 magnitude aftershock rocked port-au-prince four days after the quake leveled the capital and the subusuburbs. the frustration level growing along with the desperation as the relief effort continue their struggle to deliver aid to people that need it most. with time running out, family
7:32 pm
and friends who can't wait for the international search and res due crews are digging to find the -- rescue crews are digging to find loved ones buried underneath the rubble. jonathan hunt joins us again, streaming live from port-au-prince with with more. hi, jonathan. >> reporter: hey, julie. in the minds of every one of these urban search and rescue teams who have flooded from across the united states and across the globe, there is still hope. they are working heroically. in some cases, without the equipment they would normally bring because they didn't have time to gather it. they're digging with their hands just like people of port-au-prince are digging with their hands. but there are miracles. several people today pulled alive from the rubble that litters the street of port-au-prince. clearly, more than 96 hours after the earthquake first struck, this is a desperate race against time.
7:33 pm
>> they are combing the rubble, and crying out to see if they can hear a voice and see if anybody may be alive. your family is okay? >> momma, papa, family. >> everybody is dead. >> he's done. >> reporter: that man said, "that is aall." his entire family gone. his friend's entire family gone. this these are people who had very little before the earthquake hit just before 5:00 p.m. on tuesday afternoon. right now saturday evening they have nothing.
7:34 pm
they lost all their possessions and relatives. >> julie: thank you, jonathan hunt, streaming from port-au-prince. because of the dire situation in haihaiti, the obama administration is granting temporary status to haitians living in the u.s. illegally. it's also halting deportations that had been under way. the new sta a us the means the haitians can live and work in the for the next 18 months. phil keating has more. hi, phil. >> reporter: this act of compassion by the obama administration, freezing the deportation of the haitian nationals has its limits. it's compassionate because the conditions in haiti are deemed unsafe for anybody to go back to that nation as it is right now. but granting status for those haitian nationals living illegally only applies to those living in the country prior to the earthquake. it's not a green light for the haitians to try to make
7:35 pm
their way to the united states and then enter the country illegally because the tps will not apply to them. if they try that, the homeland security says they'll be repatriated to haiti. they estimate 100,000 to 200,000 haitian nationals who have been living underground supported by friends and family over the last several years and thousands live in miami, which has a large neighborhood known as little haiti. the people have been living in limbo in the country illegally waiting for the eventualty of being caught and sent back. with the temporary restricted status, they can get work visa, jobs, driver's license, and other assistance. the obama administration says it's unsafe to send anybody back to haiti regardless of the immigration status. haiti joins five other countries on the tps list
7:36 pm
including honduras, nicarag nicaragua, el salvadsalvador, sudan, making it because of the conditions that materialize after hurricane, earthquake, war and famine. temporary protected status was instituted in 1990 and it's an 18-month state of being. it has to be either renewed after a year-and-a-half or those people that country is then removed. critics point out by default all too often the temporary becomes permanent. citing as examples honduras and nicaragua who after hurricane mitch in 1999 made the list. yet ten years later, of course, the countries remain on the list. julie? >> julie: phil keating live in miami. thank you very much, phil. after days of waiting because the airport was so jammed the u.s. air force out of san ju juan, puerto rico, got clearance to fly in haiti with the much needed supplies and manpower. adam housley streaming live from port-au-prince tonight. he's been travelling with the
7:37 pm
airport. adam, what are they flying? >> we flew in the airport with the puerto rico national guard and came in with the supplies and been on the ground in puerto rico. ready to go for a couple of days. they were frustrate and happy to get the rescue team here. today we got the blackhawk helicopters that arrived here on tuesday from the puerto rico national guard. they took out engineers from south com. the spearhead in haiti. we headed southbound, hour-and-a-half flight to the epicenter. as we get further south, the roads got worse and worse. these are exclusive video we got to show the roads with the track and the other smaller villages and cities, virtually 70 to 80% flattened. people by the thousands out in the field, living in any shelter we could. we saw people with sos signs made with clothes and waving
7:38 pm
their arms as we flew over. as the men and women took pictures and assessed the situation, what we did find is there a lot of work to be done. not only here in port-au-prince, but in infrastructure all the way sou south. they have to get water and security there also. those are difficult things to do. air lift will continue tomorrow. they will assess the port, also. >> julie: thank you, adam. because of the dangerous situation in haiti, the obama administration is giving illegal haitian immigrants to stay in the u.s. for the next 18 months. now another nation is offering free land to any haitian that wants it. the african nation of senegal says depending on how many people take up the offer an it will provide them parcels of land or an entire region. estimated 300,000 people are newly homeless in the streets of haiti's capital. but for now, most of them are
7:39 pm
trying to deal with the immediate aftermath of the tuesday catastrophic earthquake. food, water and shelter. bill helper with us now live again from port-au-prince. bill, how are things where you are right now? >> reporter: julie, good evening from port-au-prince. you described the 300,000 homeless people. we have seen so many of them. in fact, we started the day earlier today much like we started the past several days. we get in the car and drive around the city. what we found is a soccer field changed around. now a human tent city. 1,000 haitians are staying there. blazing hot sun. there is one doctor to treat 1,000 people. he's a haitian. he lives in another part of the country. he says he came here with his wife to help the people four days ago. he hasn't left that field. very little food, even less water to help them do the job to get done.
7:40 pm
while we were there a woman with an enormous gash in her leg. he stitched her together without anesthesia and severe infection on her hand forced her to cut off her thumb. it was that kind of a day at the soccer field. at the same time, the doctor led us to what-the doctor led us to what we consider an extraordinary woman. have a look at this. >> trying to get in here. >> come with me. come with me. >> a woman in here. come on in here, tommy. show what we can and give this woman the respect she deserves. two kids lying on the ground here. this woman is about to give bir birth. this is remarkable. >> tommy? come on over here.
7:41 pm
>> reporter: please allow the tape. what we later witnessed was the woman helped out of that tent by half a dozen people. clearly her lower leg had been bruised and damaged by the earthquake. she was taken to a local clinic. the clinic was shut down and closed. they moved her then to a house where we understand she gave birth to a baby boy. and tonight we can report that mother and baby are said to be doing just fine. >> julie: we apologize. that video, unfortunately, halted on the air, but we got the idea of what you were able to witness, which is really an incredible story of survival, for not one but two right before your eyes. bill helper, thank you very much. great reporting as always, from port-au-prince. >> you bet, julie. >> julie: haiti has dominated
7:42 pm
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it was really easy to do. [ spits ] [ both laugh ] [ robert ] we created legal zoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at we put the law on your side. >> julie: this just in, on the record wayne gretzgretzka gn interviewing hillary clinton in haiti. the secretary of state arrived earlier in afternoon. the interview with greta van susteren and hillary clinton in the newsroom just now. let's listen. >> we're getting outpouring of health. first, the united nations despite their own losses are here. we saw the u.n. trucks. we have a great grogroup.
7:46 pm
i talked to my counterparts, foreign ministers around the world. there will be an international effort. the key is to coordinate and make sure we do what we can do best. there isn't anyone who could have gotten the airport up and running besides the united states military in time we did it. we will look at the port to make sure we can take whatever information and expertise we have to get the port up and going. the teams that are here, there are i think 30 search and rescue teams. six of those are americans. the others are from all over the world. everybody has been saving lives. it's really heart-warming. i mean from misperspectimispers what the world is doing on behalf of this terrible trage sky a great tribute to us. >> julie: much more of greta van susteren's interview with secretary clinton tonight at "geraldo at large." at 10:00 eastern time, right here on fox. also, this just in to fox. secretary of state hillary clinton plus 50 americans are currently airborne.
7:47 pm
they are aboard the c-130 that u.s. coast guard plane that she flew in on this afternoon. they have departed port-au-prince. we understand they will first stop in kingston, jamaica, to drop evacuees and will continue on to andrews air force base. secretary hillary clinton spending a short day today assisting aid to the haitians in great need. now back on her way to the united states. to healthcare now. democrats working around the clock to get a bill finalized. but now everything could hinge on a very unpredictable senate race in massachusetts. the political consequences of that contest not lost on democrats. they've been scrambling to get a deal finalized before it's too late. and it could make for a very dramatic finish in this push for reform. caroline shively has the story from washington. caroline? >> reporter: julie, democrats came back to capitol hill this weekend, went straight to marathon negotiation
7:48 pm
sessions on the healthcare bill. adding to the pressure is the massachusetts senate race on tuesday. democrat martha coakley versus republican scott brown. if brown wins, democrats lose the filibuster proof 60-count ma yourty. a senior aide tells fox, "if massachusetts weren't so close, we wouldn't be half dead from lack of sleep." but nancy pelosi says it's not changing the timeline. >> it's about the assurance they will have that we have found our common ground and that this legislation will pass. so we're on the path we've always been on, on this from a time stand point. >> reporter: one deal would prevent union workers for 40% cut on cadillac plans. it got unions on board and likely many democrats in the house but opens up a revenue hole that the democrats need to plug and opened up criticism from the republicans. >> we have two standards. if you are a union member or work for the state and local government, you get taxed less than if you are a
7:49 pm
non-union member or don't work for the government. it's a pretty unusual and obviously unfair and inequitable situation. >> it means they need 51 votes but they'd have to start the bill all over again and scale it back dramatically. >> julie: caroline shively, thank you very much. massachusetts election with a lot riding on it. coveted seat in the u.s. senate for decades a democrat held the senate seat. now the democratic candidate is struggling. what the president is doing to help and will it be enough next? ♪ oh [ male announcer ] say hello to the can-doers. ♪ the budget masters. the knockout artists who are finding more ways to spread their dollar further. to bolder color in less time. say hello to newer ideas and lowered prices, enabling more people to turn more saving into more doing. that's the power of the home depot.
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right now, get $5 off top brands like behr, glidden and freshaire.
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>> julie: president obama heading to massachusetts to
7:53 pm
try and drum up support for endanger endangered senate democrat martha coakley who is running against republican state senator scott brown. the latest poll showing brown gaining momentum. obama is urging people to get out and vote. trying to make sure the democrats don't lose a seat the party held for over half a century. molly line has the latest. >> julie: there is another poll favoring the republican candidate. does it give added significance to the president's visit? >> reporter: this picks up the intensity of the race. the dead heat that the candidates are facing. scott brown leading martha coakley 48% to 45% in the latest american research poll. 600 likely voters were polled for that poll. and there is a statistical margin of 4%. margin of error. so this is a statistical dead heat. this speaks to the neck and neck nature of the campaign.
7:54 pm
president obama has a lot of political capital in this race. now his presence to rally the troops and rally the base. it will be about turn-out. he has the momentum in 2010 as democrats are looking for other difficult elections to the come. >> julie: how will the brown campaign spend the final days on the trail? >> brown campaign, scott brown has been traversing in a pick-up truck, driving 400 miles today. he upgraded today and got a bus. he will hit the pancake houses and diners and talking to the voters. that's what his campaign is. one-on-one chatting with voters. it's worked for him and he is climbing to the poll. >> fox news channel has coverage of the disaster in
7:55 pm
haiti. tonight geraldo rivera live from the earthquake zone. to deliver aid continues. that's tonight on fox. we'll be right back. prilosec otc. dominates heartburn. 24/7... including the eight hours you spend with your eyes closed. prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on.
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>> julie: a last look tonight at the news out of haiti. the united nations saying the body of chief heddy has been found in the rubbles. president obama calling on george w. bush and bill clinton to help with the humanitarian response. a powerful aftershock causing more damage. but in the midof the heart break, there are stories of hope. a doctor trying to help 1,000 patients without any water for him or himself and gives
7:59 pm
birth to a baby and they both survive. 16-month-old child was pulled from the rubble with the help of a man working for tv crew. if you want to help with the relief efforts, log on to the website at you can find the headlines on how you can donate and list of reputable organizations and charities. on this day in 1991, america is watching as the bombs fall on baghdad and operation desert shield became operation desert storm. saddam hussein refuses to pull troops out of kuwait by the deadline set by the united nations. the u.s. military coalition launches a series of airstrikes paving the way for the ground offensive to push the iraqi army across the board. the mother of all battles begins 19 years ago today. now you know the news as the fox reports saturday, january 16, 2010. i'

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